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How did we power an additional 10,000 visits for no extra spend?

In a Nutshell

Aggreko approached QueryClick to improve their Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign as it was felt the existing campaigns were under-performing. So QueryClick were tasked with taking over Aggreko’s existing PPC accounts with an open brief to improve campaign Return On Investment (ROI).

Following the handover, QueryClick drove an additional 10,000 highly qualified visitors to the Aggreko site for no additional campaign spend, leading to a decrease in cost per acquisition of 60%.

Ultimately, we increased the number of customer enquiries from 228 to 532 per month, and delivered a 382% campaign ROI.

The Background

When Aggreko first approached QueryClick, they were looking to significantly improve the efficiency of their existing PPC campaign. Our challenge was to find a way to make their revamped PPC campaign deliver a great ROI.

Our Analysis

The QueryClick team knew from the start that we had to refine the existing campaign structure rather than to create a brand new campaign. We did not want Aggreko to lose any of their click history. The loss would impact on the overall Quality Score (QS), and result in a reduced campaign performance.

QS is used by Google to ensure only relevant adverts are shown to users. It is used to reward advertisers with relevant campaigns by lowering their advert cost per click. QS is awarded based on a number of factors, including:

  • - relevance of ad copy to chosen keywords
  •  - clickthrough rate history
  •  - landing page relevance

Our first conclusion was that we needed to change the keyphrase strategy. This was very generic and triggered ads for irrelevant search queries. We were keen to ensure that budget was only spent driving highly relevant, qualified visitors.

A fresh perspective was also needed to develop more targeted ad groups. These are a structural component of a PPC campaign that allow you to link specific keywords to advertising copy.

The existing campaign had no time or geographical restrictions so we also analysed website performance to gauge when and where it would be most relevant to advertise.

The Process

The QueryClick team restructured Aggreko’s PPC campaign by allocating and managing the budget according to the return delivered by fine-grained ad groups using tightly grouped keywords.

We expanded negative keyphrase lists. These ensure an ad is not shown for search terms used by searchers who do not have the right intent to become customers of your business.

Similarly, the team decided to opt out of broad-match bidding that triggers ads for search queries only remotely associated with the original keyphrase. We also formed clearly themed ad groups as we felt it was important to ensure only highly relevant adverts were triggered.

Any changes we applied to our keyphrase bids were based on in-depth analysis of conversion metrics. And so by ensuring traffic came through on highly qualified, long tail keyphrases, we moved spend away from top-level, generic keywords, increasing the efficiency of the campaign.

To engage the most relevant audiences we introduced dayparting and locationbased bid strategies. The former is a technique that ensures an ad is only shown at the highest converting times of day. And the latter allows you to control the geographical locations in which specific ads are shown.

The Outcome

QueryClick’s remastered PPC strategy bore excellent results for Aggreko.

By targeting better fitting keywords and refining the sales message within the ad copy, the quality of visitors was also improved. This led to an improved conversion from visitor to customer of 74%.

By raising the overall QS of keywords, the QueryClick team helped reduce the average cost per click by 23%. As a result, we drove an additional 10,000 visits to the site for no additional campaign spend.

This considerable rise in traffic lead to a 133% increase in the number of web enquiries, and lowered the cost per lead by 59% compared to the previous 12 months.

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