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How did we generate an ROI of 73.1% for Aggreko?

In a Nutshell

QueryClick delivered a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign that produced the strongest Return On Investment (ROI) of any marketing channel undertaken by Aggreko. Thanks to these excellent results, Aggreko not only extended their campaign by a further 12 months, but also awarded QueryClick with their Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign and 12 additional SEO budgets to promote Aggreko’s performance on 12 local country domains.

The Background

Aggreko came to us looking to implement a six month SEO campaign that would run across their global website in order to test adding an SEO element to their existing marketing campaign, which already included a number of significant and successful PPC campaigns.

Thanks to Aggreko’s prior knowledge of PPC, they were very aware of the power of a reliable online presence in making their name more  recognisable. They also realised the importance of making their site more accessible to users seeking their services.

Our Analysis

We quickly realised that Aggreko’s existing content management system could be more SEO friendly.As we delved deeper into the project, we found that Aggreko performed very well for their sector but most search traffic was coming through on brand terms, not generic search terms for their target countries.We felt that there was an opportunity to help them perform better in these countries, making them more visible to potential customers.

The team also noted some critical SEO issues that were causing duplication, which led to high bounce rates on the site. We realised that we needed to bring control to the different landing pages for each country in order to give Aggreko the maximum exposure and presence it needed to succeed in establishing its business around the world.

We also concluded that there was room for improvement in the templates used to deliver the landing pages to better match specific, targeted keyphrase terms. This was echoed in our decision to refresh site content.

The Process

Following the team’s analysis we got all hands on deck to optimise the relevant parts of Aggreko’s website.

Our technical crew set out to consolidate the duplicate content that was causing issues in the SEO department. We suggested Aggreko implement a fixed URL structure and architecture that would come into action after the site redesign. This is now in place and has successfully eliminated duplicate pages across the site.

Once we had completed this initial step, the team got to work on improving the templates used to deliver the landing pages. Our CRO specialists got onboard to handle content-related matters. As one of Aggreko’s main objectives was to achieve a higher enquiry rate from the site, we refreshed the copy with the introduction of stronger calls to action and the use of keyphrases. This refresh was extended to meta descriptions (the snippets of text under each title on a SERP) so as to enhance the clickthrough rate that refers to the number of visitors who click on a listing in a search engine and land on a page.

To complement the technical changes implemented, our SEO crew performed competitor gap analysis to identify any routes we could take to build up a stronger backlink profile, or the trail of links leading back to the site from across the web. We subsequently launched a highly targeted link building campaign to carry out all the actions outlined in our findings – ensuring Aggreko is featured in an array of online business directories and distributing optimised expert articles and press releases to respectable submission sites, as well as creating linkbait and sourcing links from partner sites and businesses The campaign was designed to boost Aggreko’s rankings for terms such as “generator rental” and “cooling towers”.

The Outcome

QueryClick’s proactive approach to the task in hand initially delivered an astonishing campaign ROI of 73.1% that grew to 87.2% over the course of the year from June 2010 to June 2011.

Aggreko now appears in leading SERP positions for many keyphrases, such as “generator rental”, “cooling tower rentals” and “rental chiller”. The improved rankings lead to a high 27% increase in yearly organic search visitors that goes hand in hand with the 80,000 extra page views recorded.

All in all, the team’s efforts saw nearly 30,000 more unique visitors hitting than in the previous 12 months. The optimised calls to action resulted in a major 77.5% more product and service enquiries from organic search.

We also saw a 137% increase in the amount of backlinks, thanks to interested third parties so actively sharing any expert articles and press releases we published online.

Our hard work paid off even more as Aggreko subsequently decided to trust QueryClick with their PPC or paid search budget. We signed a further 12-month SEO services contract, and Aggreko handed over 12 additional countries’ SEO budgets for us to take care of.

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