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Chris Liversidge

Managing Director

I had my credit card ceremonially snipped in half in a New York vintage clothes store...

...but paid cash for the jeans anyway. Some things are just too important to be rational about.

I graduated in Fine Art from Edinburgh College of Art and immediately left for London, then Madrid, living there for two years while teaching English and designing (old school!) websites. I wrote a book while I was there. As the result of an exchange year to Athens during my degree, I'm allowed to stay in a castle on Rhodes anytime I like for free.

I have not yet stayed in the castle. I have no idea why not. I must be an idiot.

When I came back to Edinburgh I switched from freelancing to full-time with a fast growing SEO agency and realised that all the websites I'd built up until that point were awful for businesses. I quickly realised that's the case for 99% of websites out there and I've been working in SEO ever since. With QueryClick, I've found the best team in the UK to deliver perfect, tailored search marketing solutions for our clients and I'm hugely proud of every one of them.

I also believe Hip Hop peaked in the 80s, the best electronic music is French (sorry Alex), and Arsenal football club were put on this earth to torture me.

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