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Cookie & Privacy Policy


All user data collected on is completely anonymous and cookies are only used for two purposes.

1) Ensuring the site functions correctly.

Not to be confused with persuading Alex to code the thing correctly by offering cookies as a reward. Some cookies are essential to make site functionality work, or to remember key information such as language preferences.

2) Collecting anonymous data to help improve our site and service.

The most common example is using Google Analytics to track metrics on a website, which is in fact our chosen web analytics tool (check out how adventurous we are).  This data is used by our analysis ninjas to help inform our marketing decisions and to find weak areas of the site and improve them.  No information which would allow us to identify individuals is collected by any tools used on our site.

What are cookies?

Cookies are not programmes. They are small text files which are stored on your browser to help websites and web applications function.  For example, if you arrived here by typing in 'handsome seo experts', then a cookie would be placed to tell an analytics package that there was one more visitor to the site from that keyword.  Because we adhere to cookie guidelines, no information that would allow us to identify personal details about you would be stored anywhere (so your secret stays with you).

Specific Cookies Used By QueryClick

Below are a list of cookies and their sources which are used on

Name Tool Details
_utma,_utmb, _utmc, _utmc Google Analytics This allows us to view data such as sources or keywords which delivered traffic to the site. No personal information is passed, and data collected is only used by internal teams within QueryClick. It helps us to improve the experience, ensuring content is relevant to visitor needs
adiv, adiLP, adiVi AdInsight Shows how users found our website and allows us to ensure our marketing is effective and relevant as possible
vis_opt_** Visual Website Optimiser We often test design variations, and use this tool to gauge user responses. No user information is collected, only metrics related to the variations of the site which are served
cfduid Cloudflare Cloudflare is a service which helps us improve user experience by optimising page load times globally.

Social Sharing Plugins

We hope you enjoy our content (we've worked really hard on it, honest) and feel the need to share it on popular social networks e.g. Friendface or Bebo.  To make this as easy as possible, we have incorporated share buttons on our blog pages. You should be aware that when sharing, information about what you are sharing is potentially collected by the host of the plug-in.  Say for example you were to share an article about doughnuts on Facebook, it is possible that you will see adverts on Facebook for doughnuts at a later date (mmm...doughnuts).  In all seriousness, you should check the privacy policy of the individual networks if you have concerns about how your data will be used. 

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