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Email marketing

Email Marketing

Direct digital communication

Love it or loathe it, email is still a big part of everyone's lives. We all use it daily, and whether on the move, at home or at work it's a strong form of direct communication with your customers.

What Is Email marketing?

In its simplest form, email marketing is quite simply the process of sending emails to promote your brand or message. Ultimately almost any email you send to your customers or prospective client could be considered email marketing.

What we're really talking about here though, is measurable, permission-based email.

This might take the form of regular promotional emails, newsletters, seasonal messages or automatically generated shopping cart confirmations. There are a number of possibilities.

Often in the first instance, email addresses and various levels of additional data are captured through your website, trade shows, fairs, expositions, at point of sale or through other interactions with customers. This address information and data then constitute your subscriber lists. The collection of this data tends to be ongoing.

Creation and execution of the email campaigns is often done through a specialist delivery platform where all emails, recipient opens and clicks, subscription and subscriber activity is tracked and reported on for measuring effectiveness and trends across campaigns.

Email marketing campaigns can be a single stand alone promotional email or last for a longer period of time with multiple ongoing emails and will often support other marketing activity.

How Can Email Marketing Help My Business?

QueryClick believe there's a strong potential within the field of email marketing for effective promotion to a highly targeted audience.

With effective data capture in the first instance, you can build a strong highly targeted list of email subscribers who are keen to engage with your brand, and who have consented to receive email communications from your business.

Email marketing can drive people towards certain new or existing promotions, specific areas of a website or can actively encourage and support the use of social media or other marketing methods.

Email marketing messages can be tracked easily through to websites, at which point analytics can take over and track customers right through to conversion.

According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project "Tracking Surveys" (March 2000 - March 2007) over half of internet users check or send email on a typical day. That's an awful lot of potential customers.

How Do We Do Email Marketing At QueryClick

Collecting email addresses and other information about your customers is both the first step, and an ongoing process towards creating a strong subscriber list.

When you have a list in place, it's a case of deciding how and when you intend to use email marketing to your benefit. Strategy is key at this point. What messages do you want to communicate? How do you want to target subscribers? What business goals are you trying to achieve, and what business strategy is in place to support the campaign?

QueryClick are confident that by working together we can help realise your business goals through effective strategy for your email campaigns.

Once we have the strategy in place, QueryClick can handle the ideas and conceptualisation, design and build stage with your input, content guidance and approval along the way.

When you're happy with the email, the message and the design we can handle the execution, including delivery of the email and detailed reporting. QueryClick are confident that our previous experience in the field will help provide you with strong delivery results and clickthrough rates.

Continued support throughout the campaign from one email to the next is something we pride ourselves on.

You can expect clear and easy to understand expert advice, well informed and considered design, confidence in delivery, and communication on our progress at every step of the way, including the email design, delivery and important follow-up stages like reporting, continuity, competition help, and ongoing data capture.

QueryClick are also aware of the restrictions and limitations of email marketing, and fall in to line with regard to the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, and article 13 of the European Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications.

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