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Haitham Fattah

Technical Search Analyst

I've travelled to far-flung places, through strange cultures, visited dozens of countries...

But I've never been to Wales.

I studied my undergrad and masters in Computing Science at the University of Glasgow before moving on to do a research project with a compiler company in Edinburgh. After deciding that burying my head in low-level coding all day wasn't my scene, I joined QueryClick's technical team in the autumn of 2012.

In the past I've worked on a diverse range of technical projects, including digital image processing, computer vision, robotics, algorithmic design, and hardware synthesis. I'm very excited about the opportunity to learn even more at QueryClick and hopefully become a fully-fledged SEO pro one day.

Outside the office I like to indulge in hiking, keeping fit, exploring interesting places, playing guitar (badly, but with enthusiasm), drinking tea, growing plants, and breaking girls' hearts.


Keen to grill Haitham about his travels?

Or, you know, ask him any technical questions about your SEO requirements? I'm sure he'll be open to many a discussion on the topic. Just watch he doesn't break your heart.

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