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How Can We Help?

Things We Get Asked Most Often

There are a stack of questions that we regularly get asked by clients. We felt it would be helpful to address them here for you.

About QueryClick

What Makes QueryClick Different?

We are a small agency with big experience. Our team deliver award winning results with best in class service for our clients.

We think of ourselves as a 2.0 version of other search marketing agencies. We know how frustrated clients of other agencies get when they can't get the guys (and girls!) who have experience on the phone or in their meetings. We put experience first, and give our team the time to work with their clients in a unique way.

Have You Worked With Big companies Before?

From day one.

There are different challenges involved in getting a campaign to succeed when you're working with FTSE100 companies, and we know how to get things done to make a difference to the campaign bottom line.

Who Are You Working With Right Now?

A range of great companies. Why not check out our client & testimonials page for the most up-to-date case studies and client list.

How Do You Stay Current and Up-to-Date?

The whole team curates content flagged via RSS readers, social media streams, or industry journals for comment and regular spin-off posts on strategy and techniques in our news feed.

Key team members also contribute to authoritative industry sites such as Search Engine Land, eConsultancy, SEOMoz and Search Engine Watch. You'll find links from their author pages on this site, or follow our Twitter account to keep abreast of QueryClick in the news.

We also round up the most valuable information in our Search Marketing Insiders email group, so if you're not signed up to that get on it!

What's Your Process?

Right across the board in search marketing, our campaign process breaks down into an initial strategy period, followed by ongoing activity reviewed weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

Typically from campaign kickoff the initial strategy work can be completed within a month ready for implementation so we can start driving value as quickly as possible for our clients.

Do You Measure Performance?


In fact, we see it as critical to the success of any campaign to have good, clear and rigorous performance measurement in place and benchmarked before we do anything.

We also make sure we report to you in terms that make sense for your business.

There's no value for your business in gaining thirty, fifty, or a hundred new number one rankings for SEO if they are not driving bottom line revenue. We make sure that's in place, and tailor our campaigns to deliver underlying business success for you.

About Me and My Industry

How Do I know if My Current Agency  Is Performing?

On the SEO side, you should expect to see non-brand organic traffic improving against the same period the previous year. That will take seasonal trends into account and give you an idea of how effective their SEO support and linkbuilding strategies are.

For PPC, improvements in the campaign Cost Per Click and overall Cost Per Acquisition for non-brand keyphrase targets are good metrics.

But regardless of the channel, your number one metric should be: how much has the non-brand side of each campaign increased my business bottom line?

Either using ecommerce tracking or assigning average enquiry values to your enquiry goal tracking, you should be able to put a pound or dollar amount against the metrics above to know exactly what your real campaign ROI is.

Is the Industry I'm in Competitive for SEO?

Every vertical is unique, but the most competitive online are finance, travel, and retail.

Gaining top positions in these sectors requires concerted effort over time and a solid strategy to avoid high-burn rate campaigns.

All our campaign strategies identify the most efficient route to the top using a blend of long, mid  and top-level keyphrase targets to deliver revenue. Ensuring your site is set up to cross-convert is also key to allow revenue generation from less competitive keyphrase targets into competitive services or products.

If you'd like an assessment of how we'd rate your industry and the best way to tackle improvement with the best achievable ROI, then get in touch and we'd be delighted to take a look.

I Have Lots of Keyphrases, Can You Help Me Perform for Them All?

Yes. Absolutely.

In fact, our strategies never limit themselves to a limited set of keyphrase terms - though we will prioritise some for special attention, of course. All our work is designed to improve your website across the board for keyphrase targets.

On the PPC side, we have experience handling hundreds of thousands of keyphrase terms and are set up to do so efficiently, effectively, and with attention to detail.

My Rankings Have Fallen. How Do I Get Them Back to Where They Were?

Rankings can fall for a number of reasons, but there is always a clear path to regaining them in each case. We'd be happy to advise if you drop us a line.

A Recent Re-design Has Caused My Rankings to Dall. Can You Fix This?

Of course!

The most likely culprit is a change of URL architecture as part of the redesign: very common when SEO hasn't been considered.

The good news is by implementing a migration sweep up we can usually gain back all previous rankings for you within a fortnight of implementation. Some search engines take longer than others to respond to these clean-ups, but Google, Yahoo!, Baidu, Yandex, and Bing are all very responsive these days.

How Do I Improve Brand Awareness?

Your exact percentage will vary by brand and vertical, but typically between 60%-75% of non-brand traffic (across SEO and PPC) will be new visitors to your site.

This means that one of the most effective ways to raise your brand profile is to gain visibility across generic terms via SEO and PPC.

Social media also provide a superb opportunity to raise expose, with campaign-led activities proven to be the most effective strategy here. Supporting your campaign with carefully triggered re-marketing campaigns which track across chosen websites from your vertical will also combine brand-raising with opportunity to convert a new customer.

Finally, make sure you make the most of your existing customer base. Direct marketing and tell-a-friend outreach programmes can be very effective.

How Do I Increase Our Online Orders?

Improving your current conversion rates in three areas will give the most immediate results.

First, improving the CTR of your Organic or Paid listings in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) will not only provide more visitors, but will also reduce your CPA and improve your SEO rankings.

Secondly, the conversion to shopping cart is critical for ecommerce websites and should be focussed around fulfilling the call-to-action used in the SERP.

Finally, the cart itself often presents a number of areas for optimisation, from reassurance around security of credit card details to the colour or shape of your checkout button.

How Difficult Is It to Internationalise a Website?

The technical requirements are not complicated. Getting your international rollout right requires good organisation and a clear multinational site architecture to get the best results.

Localising your service or product to local markets is more of a fine art. We work with a team of local copywriters to cover the 45 highest value countries for online markets by online population, per-capita income, and ecommerce spend.

About The Work We Do

What Sort of Results Do You Expect?

We expect to see exceptional results within the first three months of the campaign.

Whether it's SEO, PPC, Conversion, Email, Display or Affiliate marketing, your campaign strategy will identify quick win performance which should deliver within this timeframe.

Following on we expect to see regular campaign outperformance year on year in terms of both traffic and revenue with the best campaign ROIs typically coming after the sixth month of the campaign when more advanced optimisation tweaks can make all channels best in class award winners.

For more specific numbers, get in touch and we'll happily estimate your campaign opportunity.

Why Do I Need to Do Monthly Work?

Without an initial strategy, no search marketing campaign can succeed. But it's the monthly work that implements that strategy.

In PPC, campaign optimisation grows traffic while reducing cost per click: making your budget go much, much further.

For SEO, monthly linkbuilding is required to build your domain performance and target campaign critical keyphrase terms for improved performance. Monthly reporting refines and improves both of these aspects of monthly work.

How Long Does SEO Take to Impact Rankings?

Depending on how much Technical SEO opportunity your site has, SEO impact can be immediate and significant.

Part of our response to proposal is to estimate this opportunity, so ask us to take a look and we can get detailed with you!

What Should I Expect After 6 or 12 Months?

Your SEO campaign matures between months 6 to 12, and typically achieves the best campaign ROI at this stage.

On the PPC side, new growth areas of opportunity will have been identified to expand new budget into and the existing spend will have been optimised to squeeze every last (converting!) click from the budget.

You should expect double digit ROI across both channels, and will have raised your brand profile significantly into the bargain.

More advanced techniques can be brought to play at this stage of the campaign which tends to have higher long term value payoffs ensuring the campaign performance continues to improve year on year.

What Are Your Most Important SEO Techniques?

Solving site duplication in all its myriad forms tends to be the technique that delivers the biggest return for new clients.

An area that gets a lot of interest and has delivered our single biggest uplift in the shortest period of time is our Multinational Strategy.

Which Is More Important, Onpage or Offpage?

It's hard to separate to two, as they are interdependent - without a solid onpage, your offpage work will be much less effective.

That said, you can still move the needle (however inefficiently) with offpage, which you'd struggle to do with just onpage so if we were on a desert island with just one to keep us company it would be offpage.

How Is Social Media Linked to All This?

Social media is a channel that has strong ties to SEO, traditional marketing and PR.

Its best usage is as a flexible tool that's threaded into the campaign with its own success metrics (remember: no growing followers or friends without an end goal in sight please!).

At QueryClick we'll advise on your social voice, impact on backlinks, algorithmic impact for SEO, brand positioning across social channels, appropriateness for revenue generation or brand raising, and goodwill and value add criteria.

Should We Focus on SEO or PPC?

SEO and PPC should be complementary: each can reinforce the other and a blended approach across both will always outperform a campaign that's exclusively focussed on one or the other.

You should aim to have a coherent strategy across both that allows you to adjust your bid patterns based on organic rankings to maximise overall ROI.

We also build user-profiling into our strategies to identify different call-to-actions to use in our PPC creative copy and SEO copy. This ensures we target different user-types with each and don't cannibalise traffic from either channel.

Can You Show Us Some of Your Linkbuilding Work?

Of course!

When we walk through a site analysis we always highlight and step through a variety of different linkbuilding opportunities. These vary for every site, in every vertical, so the best option is to get in touch and request a review from our team.

What Are Your Linkbuilding Strategies?

The best linkbuilding strategies are non-systematic. Building links naturally is an art and our strategies identify the best activities for your site, highlighting opportunities and the action required to gain a link in each case.

Using a gap analysis led approach means that we can see what's worked for your competition in the past, and industry trends and authorities which will increase your overall backlink profile most efficiently.

Out-competing the industry is easier with our analysis driving your off-site content creation & promotion. We make sure you get your content the link love it deserves and help you get your expertise, bran,d and offers appreciated across the web and generating links for your SEO performance.

We also segment your industry to identify niches that are undervalued and will bring relevant links (and traffic) to your site.

The best linkbuilding strategies incorporate all of these elements to become an integrated part of a more traditional marketing strategy. This means that while we are driving your backlink profile to improve your SEO performance, you're also gaining the benefit of increased brand exposure, community love, and becoming the authority in your industry.

What Is Your Content Strategy?

Content lies at the very heart of every successful search marketing campaign. Without a sound base of content it's impossible to perform for related terms for SEO, and PPC Quality Scores will remain low, costing you money for every click.

As part of our strategy we first audit sites against a 'Page Table' which scores each page against its success in articulating clearly the page objective.

This is important as a page should always have a goal - a reason to exist. For example it is often to most elegantly convey your service's benefit over the competition or, to take a single page type in ecommerce, present your best sellers without damaging main product conversion on a product page.

But your content strategy will also advise on your brand tone of voice across different channels and every touch-point you have with your customers online. It will ensure consistency, and seek to promote your core values.

Have a Question?

If you have a question you'd like to get answered, then please get in touch and we'll try to answer it for you.

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