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International Search Engine Optimisation

Bonjour, ¡Hola, Hallå, Sveiki, Olá.

Google has provided more tools and options for multinational businesses over the last 12 months than any other area of search.

As a result, our multinational clients have recently found the greatest SEO performance improvements available today are driven through taking advantage of the new technical suite of options that allows you, as a multinational business, to:

  • Avoid filters or penalties from perceived duplication in multinational content.
  • Gain significantly improved performance across all target countries by consolidating domain value.
  • Enhance the SEO value of linkbuilding campaigns across all country sites from unique activities in each, individual country.

We produce tailored, multilingual, international SEO strategies for our global clients.

Whether it's a few pages of content for your site that require translation or an entire localisation campaign you're looking for, we can help you optimise your content for different cultures and regions across the world.

In short, our team ensures as many people as possible find your business in their local search engines, and land on your chosen pages whatever language they use and wherever they are.

What Is International SEO?

International SEO is the process of improving a website's visibility across local search engines worldwide for highly relevant and commercially important keyphrases.

An international SEO strategy is much more than just straightforward translation of pages from one language to another.

Our strategy involves digging into the trends and habits of your audience in each and every target country to determine how they are interacting with your marketplace, what their obstacles to conversion are, how they are searching, and how best to engage them to convert.

Our strategies provide a long-term platform to deliver your brand to the most relevant audience, in the best way possible to engage them with your business.

How Can International SEO Help Your Business?

Failing to provide localised content which is visible to users in foreign countries means you are missing out on connecting with over 70% of the online population.

Today only 24% of online users speak English – and this figure is decreasing.

Your customers want unique, localised content. In fact, 90% of internet users prefer to surf online in their native language (ref. Deutsche Welle, 2011).

Even more interesting for retailers is that almost half of those questioned said they would never make a purchase from a site that isn't in their own language.

The benefits of expanding your business internationally mean you can:

  • Attract new business in each target location
  • Increase brand awareness internationally
  • Reach into untapped (lower competition) markets
  • Strengthen customer loyalty

Businesses tapping into new markets online often stumble across technical SEO or linguistic barriers, such as international duplicate content or regional differences in language.

Here at QueryClick, we already know what the obstacles are, and can create a path for your multinational strategy that is effective and technically simple to implement.

How Does QueryClick Do International SEO?

QueryClick use the search engines' own tools and supported coding standards to present a clearly defined multinational architecture that leaves no scope for duplication issues.

We've developed a suite of in-house tools that we use to circumvent any limitations in client's CMS or eComms systems to execute our strategies and initial technical audits.

For example, a tool code-named Octoparse lets us automatically generate href-lang sitemaps on clients' behalf, often solving technical headaches that might take their teams weeks to implement dynamically.

We also have a rather nifty in-house tool which allows our clients, sat at their own desks, to see how they are performing in any country in the world, in any search engine, for any suite of search terms with just the click of a mouse.

Our reporting takes in-house info and consolidates it with your choice of analytics package to give you a clean, simple-to-understand overview of your multinational campaign on a country by country basis

All our reports provide plain-language commentary on your campaign performance against KPIs, upcoming objectives, and areas of global opportunity.

Multinational SEO Technical Audits

Whether you are relaunching on a new platform, or need steer on adapting your current system, our technical team can help.

We have experience of migrating some of the biggest, most traffic-heavy sites in the world, including a site with over seven million unique, registered users to a new domain built to our multinational architecture.

International Keyphrase Research & Strategies

We know that your brand is perceived differently in different countries, and will adapt our strategy in line with the local market.

QueryClick are proud to have SEO and PPC trained localisation professionals on hand to provide culturally relevant keyphrase targets produced by native speakers. We will not just provide literal translations.

We also understand that different calls to action will be relevant to different user types in different ways in different markets.

International SEO Linkbuilding

We believe in building ethical, long-lasting backlink profiles that will be forever resistant to algorithmic updates by search engines.

Over the last few years we've invested time and resource into adapting our approach to become truly innovative and provide the best possible bang for your linkbuilding buck.

With our gap analysis led linkbuilding strategies, we deliver a tailor-made linkbuilding blend for multinational businesses that means the more countries you target, the more we can maximise your return.

Yes, you read that right: the more countries you target, the more efficient your linkbuilding strategy. Pretty neat? We think so.

Our localisation experts research and audit any site engaged with on your behalf to make sure it's fit for purpose, and can guarantee the quality of your inbound links.

We also develop international social media strategies, perform global competitor analysis to improve content and onsite features.

for more information on our industry leading gap-led linkbuilding strategies.

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