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Rockliffe Hall can sleep easier with a 50% organic traffic boost

In A Nutshell

QueryClick delivered a 50% organic traffic boost for independant luxury hotel Rockliffe Hall over 12 months, and improved their search result page visibility for terms surrounding luxury hotels and hotels in North East England. Not only that but in January 2012 site visits reached a 12-month high tallying over 48,500 new visitors through organic search.

The Background

Rockliffe Hall first approached us because they wanted their site to perform more efficiently in search engines and increase their visibility to people searching for hotel accommodation in the UK. As a result they hoped to drive a higher volume of traffic to their site with a particular focus on organic visits.

Our Analysis

Rockliffe Hall has very specialised facilities and as such we felt that they needed an SEO campaign that would reflect their unique hotel.

Initially, we identified several technical and on-page issues which were seriously hindering the site’s ability to rank well in search engines. The site was lacking in fresh, optimised content, as well as other key functions required in order to compete with, and surpass, industry competitors on the search engine result pages  (SERPs).

After discussing the client’s key objectives with them, we designed bespoke technical, marketing and link building strategies which we felt would best suit their business goals.

The Process

Our SEO team used a blend of technical, on-page and link building techniques to boost Rockliffe Hall’s online visibility and traffic. Following the site’s redesign and relaunch last December, we provided invaluable support in overseeing the migration process (the transferral of one domain to another, in which each URL on the old site must be redirected successfully to the equivalent URL on the new site). Since December, we have continued to consult Rockliffe Hall with regards to any page errors, identifying where pages are no longer in existence or have been moved, and advising them with the appropriate resolution – this is usually done by redirecting the broken URL to the nearest equivalent category page. This benefited the user experience and prevented unnecessary loss of link value.

The site contained numerous identical pages following the redesign. To resolve duplication across the site, we took care of URL canonicalisation. Simply put, canonicalisation refers to the process by which one variant of
multiple URLs with the same content is given precedence over the others with the same content, in the eyes of the search engines. You can find out more about this topic in our canonicalisation blog post.

We worked on improving page titles, meta descriptions, headings and content to include more relevant  keyphrases and stronger calls to action. Comprehensive lists of suggested page titles, h1s, h2s, and meta descriptions were provided to Rockliffe Hall, who implemented the recommendations with the help of the QueryClick team. Furthermore, in a bid to increase the level of fresh, frequently updated content on the site, we advised the client to create and maintain a news listing or blog.

With the client’s targets in mind, we were able to sculpt our link building strategy around the most important areas on the site, and the areas in which the client wanted to perform. For example, it became obvious that Rockliffe Hall were not performing as well as they hoped for meetings and conference keyphrases. By focusing our article and PR writing around these areas we were able to enhance the site’s reputation as a meeting and conference venue in the North East.

In order to help them achieve their goal - to be positioned as the top luxury hotel destination in North East  England, the UK, and eventually break into European markets as the top UK resort destination - we have focused much of our energy enhancing the site’s ability to rank within search engine results for localised search terms such as hotels in North East, hotels in County Durham, hotels in North East England etc. Both on-page changes and link building actions have allowed us to significantly improve the site’s relevancy for such terms.

The team continues to carry out monthly link building actions including directory submissions, the writing and  submission of expert articles and press releases to respected online article and PR submission sites, as well as competitor gap analysis. The latter involves the analysis of competitor back link profiles with the aim of gleaning valuable linking opportunities.

The Outcome

The Rockliffe Hall website is now seeing 50% more organic traffic compared to the same time last year (based on a comparison of February 2012 vs February 2011). In January, site visits reached a 12-month high, tallying over 48,500 visits and achieving over 20,000 new visitors through organic search.

Rockliffe Hall performance improvements

In the three months since the new site went live, we have seen over 30,000 additional organic visitors come through to the site in comparison with the same period one year ago. That’s an increase of almost 50%.

Our efforts have seen a major leap in the client’s non-brand keyword rankings and resulting click-through rates. The website now has higher visibility when using terms revolving around meeting and conference venues, spa and golf resorts. The site is now far more prominent within search results when users search for North East and North East England related terms, as well as highly localised phrases such as hotels in Darlington or County Durham hotels.

“Query Click are a very professional team, and we have already seen some great results from our campaign – especially as Rockliffe Hall is a fairly new property. The luxury travel market is highly competitive and saturated - with many marketers investing significant proportions of their marketing budgets to strengthen their digital presence.

“As an independent property we would have struggled to continually build upon our online existence and brand, especially against some of the larger groups and travel websites, without the expertise, knowledge and support provided by the Query Click team.”

Katie Scott Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator at Rockliffe Hall

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