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Email Marketing

How did we help Ryden boost email open and click rates?

In a Nutshell

QueryClick re-designed Ryden’s regular e-newsletter and switched them over to a delivery system that would allow them to measure open and click-through rates more accurately. Ryden now report consistently strong stats on their newsletters with click-through rates being up to 34% higher than the industry average.

The Background

Ryden approached QueryClick to re-design their regular email newsletter “Aspects”. There was a somewhat awkward system in place for content population and delivery as well as minimal functionality for reporting or tracking sent emails.

Our Analysis

Although Ryden were sufficiently sending emails using their existing system, they felt they were missing out on the opportunity to track emails properly which gave them no real insight in to how they could improve things or if their recipients were engaging with the newsletters.

In addition to this the email newsletter had, over time, become visually inconsistent with the site (which had been updated). Consistency is important when users are moving from one medium (email) to another (the website). The email build was also in need of updating from a structure and coding point of view.

The Process

QueryClick took a look at the existing e-newsletter set up, the design and the code behind the emails. In addition to this, analysis of the existing subscriber database was undertaken to confirm the email addresses and subscriber information was ethically sourced.

To promote new signups to the newsletter, QueryClick provided a snippet of code to plug in to the existing Ryden website which would allow people to directly sign up to the email database without Ryden requiring any manual data entry.

After a discussion on requirements for the new email design, QueryClick put together concepts for the email design in line with the existing website design, and developed a re-usable template that would be robust enough to handle most email reading software and the notoriously variable rendering performance that many email clients have across platforms.

The email template (and a second variant) was added to our campaign manager of choice “Campaign Monitor” which is able to handle database management, bulk email delivery and extensive reporting and analysis.

The existing subscriber information was also added to Campaign Monitor, and then QueryClick were available to provide training and assistance for Ryden, to allow them to manage their own campaign sending, scheduling and reporting.

The Outcome

Immediately after switching to the new email template and system, Ryden were seeing open and click-through rates way beyond their previous campaigns:

“The stats for the first campaign we did via Campaign Monitor were significantly better than our previous campaigns. The open rate was up from 10% to 18%, with a click-through rate of 27%, which at the time we thought was great.

Things keep improving. Based on our best results, we are now sitting at respective increases of 7% and 17% on this; our latest open rate is 25% and our highest click-through rate is over 44%!”

Lisa Lumsden, Marketing & Communications Manager at Ryden

Across the four most recent email campaigns, Ryden have seen click-through rates as high as 44.3%, which is way above the reported industry average of 10.69% for the property sector.

Open and Click Rates

The above graph represents their 4 most recent email campaign send reports, as well as the industry average rate.

Ryden estimated their open rate prior to working with QueryClick was around 10%, and were unable to track click-through rate effectively.

Since switching over, there has been an overall increase in the open rate, as well as a consistent decrease in the number of unsubscriptions from the list.

The click-through rate has remained around the 40% mark, which is considerably higher than one might expect within any industry.

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