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The hot seat

Careers at QueryClick

Keen on search or digital marketing? Come and be awesome with us!

Currently Hiring For...

Business Development Executive (New York)

We are looking for talented salespeople to staff our newly-opened Williamsburg, New York office. The successful applicant will develop new US business for QueryClick's core service offering: combined SEO, PPC & Conversion Optimisation packages. The most appropriate target corporation are Fortune 500s, eCommerce-focussed businesses, and multinational corporations headquartered in the US.

PPC Account Manager (New York)

If you excel at delivering high ROI SEM/PPC campaigns and building client relationships and if your problem solving nature allow you to implement creative, effective and innovative solutions, then we'd like to hear from you.

We do not deal with recruitment agencies.

Cat's Pyjamas?

Let’s face it: You’re the mutt’s nuts. You might not quite fall into the roles that we’re looking for above, but if you’re convinced we’ll want to hire you as soon as we find out what you’re capable of (leaping tall buildings with a single bound?), then you might as well get in touch with your CV!

Graduating Or Just Graduated?

One of the brilliant things about QueryClick is that we don’t always want you to have years of experience. Especially if it’s tainted your SEO knowledge, and forced you to pick up bad habits.

With that in mind, we’re always keen to hear from those who are going to be graduating (or who just have - congratulations). If you have an interest in marketing, SEO, PPC or CRO, then you should use our graduate contact form .

Imagine, you could breeze out of college or university and straight into a job!

Working at QueryClick?

We are not like other employers. We consider our staff to be one of our greatest assets, and we count on you actually wanting to work here, and enjoying it!

cowboy hat

We're Not Cowboys (the C word)

We’re not in the habit of messing you or our clients around. We like to keep things clean, easy to understand and transparent. Much like the door to our beer fridge!


Beer and Biscuits

Yes you heard right: beer fridge. Not only that, but a regular supply of cakes and biscuits seem to keep arriving in the office. Nobody’s filed a complaint yet.

bowling balls

We Try to Be Social

Pub, bowling, comedy, cocktail classes, white water rafting, skydiving or paintball. Whatever you like to do, we’ll consider it, and try and organise something. We even have a fund set aside for it.

money bag

Our Innovation Fund

Our innovation fund is a pot of money set aside to invest in the ideas of our employees. As a QueryClick employee you’re entitled to pitch for the cash and convince us to let you have the money to fulfill the idea. It’s basically Dragon’s Den, but we’re not as grumpy.

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