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SEO Link Building

The core of a strong SEO campaign, developing a sophisticated and diverse backlink profile is key to outperforming your competitors in the search engines.

As well as its value for plain vanilla SEO, advanced link building strategies will also provide improved brand visibility, increased direct & referral traffic, and benefits more commonly associated with offline marketing activities.

In fact, the best link building strategies are almost entirely marketing-led, providing a strong content base for our team to develop and promote throughout the web.

Your website backlink profile plays a significant role in our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaigns. By ensuring you follow an ethical approach, we also ensure you avoid 'bad neighbourhoods', link-flow penalties, thin-affiliate penalties and algorithmic filters introduced by the likes of Google's Penguin update.

With our increased emphasis on domain diversity, achieving a natural backlink profile from a wide range of relevant and authoritative websites will help build trust, authority, and ultimately act as a quality signal for your website.

To summarise modern link building techniques, always remain focussed on quality as a driving force to be considered just as important as quantity & diversity.

So, just what is link building?

link building is, broadly speaking, the leveraging of content to develop links back to a website in line with a strategy designed to improve the commercial performance of a website in the search engines.




On-page SEO


Link building

SEO involves a complex blend of activities, but as a thumb-in-the-air estimate, in any one campaign, link building typically accounts for roughly 50-60% of the performance mix.

The importance of link building as a fundamental driver for SEO performance cannot be underestimated and is critical to increasing site exposure within the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) and targeting specific search terms for improved performance.

Link Building Activities

There are a variety of ways in which search marketing agencies can increase the quality and quantity of backlinks to a client's website.

Here's a quick overview of some of the more traditional activities and how they might be used to execute different aspects of an over-arching link building strategy.

Link Building

Here at QueryClick, in addition to the basic activities listed above - expert articles, press release submission, directory submissions, linkbaiting, and generalised gap analysis - we execute a complex range of additional activities to develop a more diverse range of links, each attuned to a different aspect of a campaign.

For example, a client in the Fashion Retail vertical would likely get much more value from identifying social, blog, and forum communities already heavily engaged with their marketplace, devising 'outreach' packages of assets, information, and genuinely valuable early-release or exclusive material, and making contact.

At QueryClick we have devised a suite of tools which allow us to automate much of the manual labour involved in such activities.

Detailed backlink gap analysis against key vertical competitor profiles can be performed and analysed in an instant, our link building team then get involved in identifying the best opportunities, contact information, submission approach, or even design unique branded approaches for the outreach package: all designed to not only deliver a targeted, improved backlink profile for the website, but also to engage with a new community and raise the profile of your brand with a targeted niche.

So, you could say that our link building strategies can also be considered as valuable pure-play marketing strategies, just leveraged differently and led by a concern for improved SEO performance with clear, accurate success metrics.

Gap Analysis Led Link Building

We use competitor backlink gap analysis to identify a comprehensive list of backlinks for our clients' audience segments.

Using our in-house tools, we can identify the top performing domains for sets of keyphrase terms for any target search engine in any target country. This allows segmented identification of top-performers, whose backlink profiles we can then mine for opportunities currently being missed by our clients.

In this way we can quickly and easily supplement our other link building activities with an entirely organic, diverse, yet highly relevant and unsystematic range of activities designed to dramatically improve the backlink profile of our client website as well as improve their brand visibility to new markets and communities.

In short, gap-led link building allows us to quickly identify and capture new, highly relevant, backlink opportunities across any target segment or country.

The actual activities which may be executed by our team following gap analysis can involve any or all of the following - as well as many more one-off activities besides - in a unique mix each time the analysis is run:

  • Increased Social Media Engagement
  • Comment or Forum Thread Response
  • Guest Posting Contact
  • Submission to Industry-Unique Directories
  • Blogger Outreach
  • Develop Authority Resources
  • Link Prospecting
  • Repairing Broken Links
  • Industry Tool Development
  • News Feed Development / Adjusted Strategy
  • Community Competition / Event Promotion
  • Brand Raising Exercises

How Do We Build Links at QueryClick?

Here at QueryClick we are 100% ethical in all of our backlinking activities: we always provide unique, valuable content as the core of any activity which adds value for users as much as link profile benefit.

We are also entirely transparent in laying out our planned activities each month, run through our targets, activities and goals with our clients regularly each month.

We follow up with an itemised list of all activities, links built, content created and contacts developed on our clients' behalf as a standard part of our monthly reporting.

Unlike many agencies, we are happy to provide 100% transparency in all the link building work we do.

Typically, on commencement of a new campaign, within the first month we will deliver our link building strategy for discussion and refinement in dialogue with our client, setting goals, measurable benchmarks, and defined priorities.

We then execute a tailored, ten month link building strategy that involves content input from both parties to help maximise the potential blend of traditional and advanced link building activities.

Your link building strategy will remain flexible throughout the campaign, regularly being refined during strategy progress meetings and our account managers are happy to provide ad-hock advice & support throughout the campaign.

We can even help train up your team to take over some of the monthly activity, freeing our team up to spend more time on executing advanced strategies which deliver even stronger campaign ROI than campaigns where the client opts for a more hands-off approach.

Our Strategy Summarised

We develop innovative ways of increasing the quality and quantity of backlinks to your website.

We are led by a strategy devised to increase your rankings overall, as well as for targeted terms within the SERPs which are commercially important to drive up your business bottom line.

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