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Stuart Ferrie

PPC Search Analyst

I've never bought an Apple product.

But I have been a driver for the Vengaboys.

At university I studied Programming, Mathematics, Economics, and Marketing and in my spare time I played with computers. That makes me a geek, but I revel in it because apparently that's cool now.

After graduating I worked in the marketing department of my student union where I learnt the practical ropes of marketing and publishing. It wasn't until Alex introduced me to QueryClick that I discovered a role that could fully make use of my diverse education: PPC advertising.

I've been dabbling on and off in photography for a while now so outside of work, if I'm not running at the gym or geeking out on Steam you'll occasionally see me out and about chronicling existence.

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Need to convince Stu to buy an Apple?

Don't bother, he's not going to. But heck, he can talk your ear off about PPC and economics, so surely there's no better person to plan your PPC campaign, right? Only one way to find out...

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