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Web Copywriting

Effective, engaging and inspiring words.

Web copywriting is much more than simply putting keywords in the right places. It’s about writing sales copy that entices and engages the reader with your key message. That's why we like to get to know our clients and suss out target audiences before setting out to promote your business and brand values in writing.

Our in-house team of copywriters come from a range of writing backgrounds such as journalism and translation. We combine our skills to deliver personalised, persuasive copy to make your business quite simply the most appealing on the market.

How do we know it works? We closely monitor new visits to your site from Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), engagement with the site goals and resulting revenue.

Feel like you know enough about web copywriting already? Get in touch  to have a chat about how we could help. For a more detailed look at what we do, read on.

What is web copywriting?

Online copywriting is the crafting of text to promote a product, service, business, individual or idea. When used on a landing page promoted via search or social marketing, it’s about persuading potential customers to take action by subscribing to your service or purchasing your product. When it’s delivering functional information about your product, service or brand, it’s clear, concise and simply written.

Copywriting for the web involves consistent application of onpage work encompassing all visible text, as well as carefully tailored page titles and meta descriptions designed to include strong calls to action. Tailoring original articles, press releases and blog posts to a coherent brand message also forms a part of the craft.

How can web copywriting help my business?

Simply put: truthful, informative and persuasive onpage copy will better convert site visitors into customers, instantly boosting your sales or subscriptions. By improving your clickthrough rate from the SERPs, you’ll further boost your domain’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) performance and gain better-converting web traffic – truly a virtuous circle!

Pages with a fair amount of frequently updated, original copy and targeted keyphrases within <title> and <h> tags also make your website far more relevant in the eyes of search engines. This leads to higher rankings in SERPs and more traffic to your site.

Press releases and articles containing links enhance your online visibility and authority for targeted search terms. Original, engaging articles and press releases optimised for SEO and distributed via PR and article submission sites are likely to be shared and republished by readers, enhancing your publicity online.

How do we do web copywriting?

We focus on writing copy for human eyes, not just search engines. In particular, we write for your ideal customer and ensure they see it. As a result, copywriting lies at the core of our SEO, PPC and CRO campaigns.

The team perform content audits and gap analysis to determine how your site could be optimised to deliver more and better converting traffic. Suggestions could include the development of new pages or optimisation of existing ones, but no work is carried out before we’ve discussed the details with you.

Our range of SEO copywriting services can take the form of monthly, weekly or even daily content updates across a variety of platforms, be it your own website, an article or PR submission site, or a social network.

QueryClick’s team of copywriters are dab hands at writing punchy product descriptions and clever calls to action. As well as the visible onpage stuff, we attentively assess your page titles and meta descriptions, enhancing them to encourage higher rankings and more site visits.

We recognise a good story when we see one and know exactly how to craft it into a press release, news story or blog post to get the web talking about you. We’ll also take care of distributing the news for you if you’d like.

Keen to get your team involved? No problem. We’ll gladly offer you copywriting support and advise you on effective strategies and tone of voice.

Get in touch  with us today and find out how web copywriting might just be the thing you've been looking for all this time.

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With a combined background in journalism, the translation industry, business and ecommerce, our copywriting team delivers well-informed copy with a great deal of precision.

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